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AUL/MyDUL -- Oracle Data Recovery Tool Like DUL, Since 2005

Oracle DUL is the last sulution for recovery when no other method left, for example when no backup and system tablespace data file is corrupted. It's an Oracle internal use only utility which could direct read rows from data file without Oracle environment. However it's very hard to get a legal copy of this utility and you may not be able to afford the expencive cost of asking Oracle DUL recovery service. Then I decide to write a another tool to implement almost the same feature. What could be recovered from corrupted Oracle database with AUL/MyDUL?

1, Lost system tablespace.
2, System tablespace corrupted.
3, Tablespace dropped but data files still exist.
4, Table dropped is possible when no new object reuse the space of the dropped table.
5, Table truncated with reuse storage option.
6, Table truncated without reuse storage option is possible,when no new object reuse the space freed by the truncation.
7, Database partially corrupted by bitcoin virus.

Oracle versions from 8 to 21c (including 8i / 9i / 10g / 11g / 12c / 19c) are all supported, BLOB/CLOB data types are also supproted. Download windows edition, read the user guide, have it for fun.

OneSQL -- A High Performance (1000000 TPS) MySQL Branch Distribution

With read view optimization, trx_sys mutex sharding, lock_sys mutex sharding, dynamic thread pool and slave IO / SQL threads optimization for better read / write performance, better high connections concurrency and better slave IO dump(RPO) / SQL apply(RTO) target. Download OneSQL 5.7.39, for benchmarking only (not production ready), have it for fun.

OneProxy -- A High Performance Proxy For MySQL Data Distribution

Donwload communitiy edition, read the user guide, have it for fun.

SharedServer -- A MySQL Thread Pool Plugin For 100K Connetions

It's compatible with MySQL community edition (RPM Package) only, download and extract them to mysql plugin directory (usually $MYSQL_HOME/lib/plugin), and then load them with "plugin-load" option in my.cnf file. Then restart the MySQL instance and have for fun.

MySQL 5.5MySQL 5.6MySQL 5.7MySQL 8.0
MySQL Comminity 5.5.62 rhel6/centos6 5.6.51 rhel6/centos6 5.7.36 rhel6/centos6
5.7.36 rhel7/centos7
8.0.27 rhel6/centos6
8.0.29 rhel6/centos6
8.0.30 rhel6/centos6
8.0.27 rhel7/centos7
8.0.29 rhel7/centos7
8.0.30 rhel7/centos7
Percona Branch 5.5.62 rhel6/centos6 5.6.51 rhel6/centos6 5.7.35 rhel6/centos6 8.0.26 rhel6/centos6
8.0.28 rhel6/centos6

As a drop-in replacement of MySQL Thread Pool, it will help you to meet the sustained performance and scalability of ever increasing user by providing a highly scalable thread-handling model designed to reduce overhead in managing client connections and statement execution threads.

sysbench -- sysbench utility with 99 and 99.9 RT summary

It will give you 99% and 99.9% reqeusts' response time summary information.

Threads started!

[ 10s ] thds: 1 tps: 5257.61 qps: 5257.61 (r/w/o: 5257.61/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.25/0.31/0.56 ...
[ 20s ] thds: 1 tps: 4771.03 qps: 4771.03 (r/w/o: 4771.03/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.27/0.50/2.97 ...
[ 30s ] thds: 1 tps: 5215.35 qps: 5215.35 (r/w/o: 5215.35/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.24/0.29/0.58 ...
[ 40s ] thds: 1 tps: 5209.77 qps: 5209.77 (r/w/o: 5209.77/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.24/0.32/0.72 ...
[ 50s ] thds: 1 tps: 5109.73 qps: 5109.73 (r/w/o: 5109.73/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.26/0.35/0.73 ...
[ 60s ] thds: 1 tps: 4878.13 qps: 4878.13 (r/w/o: 4878.13/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.28/0.43/1.44 ...
[ 70s ] thds: 1 tps: 4894.60 qps: 4894.60 (r/w/o: 4894.60/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.28/0.44/2.14 ...
[ 80s ] thds: 1 tps: 4818.27 qps: 4818.27 (r/w/o: 4818.27/0.00/0.00) lat (ms,95%,99%,99.9%): 0.28/0.42/1.32 ...

Download linux x86_64 binary.

OneValue -- A High Performance Redis Protocol Persist Key Value Store

Download linux x86_64 binary.

mydbtest -- MySQL Benchmark Utility For Customized SQLs and RT Distribution

Download linux x86_64 binary.

SQLUDLR2 -- A High Performance Text Unload Utility For Orcle Database

Download SQLULDR2 binary.

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